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IRCON International Limited (IRCON) is a Government of India company that specializes in providing Engineering and construction services (especially to transport Infrastructure). It was incorporated in 1976 and the HQ is located in New Delhi.
Initially, it was known as Railway Construction Company Limited, established under the Ministry of railways. The main motive of setting up IRCON was construction of railway projects in India and abroad. But the company has diversified and extended the areas of interest and now it has been undertaking construction projects in other transport and infrastructure sectors. It was renamed as Ircon International Ltd. in October 1995 for its expanded scope of operations across the world. The main areas of specialization of IRCON are - Railways, road transport and EHT station Engineering and Construction. Primarily, IRCON was construction company that specialized in Railways (New Railway lines, repair/conversion of existing lines, Station Buildings, platforms and facilities, over-bridges, Tunnels, Signals and Communication means, Electrification of railway, and Wet Leasing of Locomotives), Highways, EHV sub-station (engineering, procuring and construction) and Metrorail transport.
IRCON is an smart choice to work with as it assure high standard growth of individuals working with it providing them good opportunities to polishing of their skills through training programmes.
Intelligent, potenntial and innovative professionals and engineers who put their entire efforts and knowledge for the achievement of the task assigned to them.

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