MMTC Limited is India's largest international trading company based in New Delhi.
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About Us
MMTC Limited is an international trading company with its headquarters based in New Delhi, India. The Company has a large network of international trade, spread across almost all the countries of  Asia, Africa,  Europe, Oceania, and America. MMTC also has a fully owned international subsidiary in Singapore, MTPL. MMTC is a Miniratna status company of India.

MMTC is one of the two highest foreign exchange earning companies if India. It is largest public sector trading company. It handles the export of primary products like coal, iron-ore, agro products and industrial products. MMTC plays an important role in the import ferrous and non-ferrous metals for industries and agricultural fertilizers. It imports finished fertilizers, fertilizer intermediaries and raw materials for fertilizer.

MMTC was established in September 1963 at New Delhi with the objective to export mineral ores and import metals. It was established by Neelachal Ispat Nigam Limited (NINL), an iron and steel plant in collaboration with Government of Orissa. MMTC is India’s largest non-oil importer. It is Asia’s largest gold and silver importer. MMTC organizes exhibitions in various foreign locations to promote exports of gold and studded jewellery. It is largest   Bullion Trader of India.
Why Work for us
MMTC Limited is India's largest trading company that provides ample growth opportunitie to its employees and customers.
What are we looking for in youth

Intelligent and confident youth, who aspire to build a strong career and talented ,smart and good skilled individuals.

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