Jobs vs Job Seekers – Analysis For Jobs In Mumbai For Call Centre Manager

Competition per Job

On an average, there are about 193 potential job seekers for every CALL CENTRE MANAGER job in MUMBAI.

Job opportuinities vs.Talent pool

There is an imbalance between the proportions of supply i.e. Call Centre Manager talent available amongst all youth in MUMBAI and demand, i.e. total current job opportunities for CALL CENTRE MANAGER in MUMBAI There are 1 (0%) CALL CENTRE MANAGER jobs out of total 80822 job opportunities as compared to 193 (0%) youth out of total 4591589 having that talent.

Jobs vs Job seekers – Ratio

Job Seeker

Average number of job seekers for Call Centre Manager is more than average number of jobs available. So you have a tough competition.

Experience range

Student 0 yrs.


Fresher 0-3 Yrs.


Mid 3-7 Yrs.


Senior Above 7 Yrs.


Top companies hiring for Call Centre Manager in Mumbai

Rojgaardekho +1

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Youth with Call Centre Manager skill in Mumbai

Sakib Sabir Khan

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What Is The Salary For Call Centre Manager Jobs In Mumbai ?

Out of total 80822 active jobs listed on Youth4work, there are 255 jobs in Mumbai, including Mumbai jobs for Call Centre Manager, offered by 1 companies.

For Call Centre Manager jobs in Mumbai, the average annual salary for Fresher/Entry Level (0-3 years) is 2.9 lacs, for Mid-Level Level (4-7 years) is 2.9 lacs and for Senior-Level (7+ years) is 0 lacs.

Salary Range for Call Centre Manager jobsin Mumbai.
Avg. Annual Salary
3.2 Lacs
Fresher/Entry Level (0-3 yrs)
Avg. Min.
2.5 Lacs
Avg. Max.
3.2 Lacs
2.5 LacsMin.
2.9 LacsAvg.
3.2 LacsMax.
Avg. Annual Salary
3.2 Lacs
Mid-Level (4-7 years)
Avg. Min.
2.5 Lacs
Avg. Max.
3.2 Lacs
2.5 LacsMin.
2.9 LacsAvg.
3.2 LacsMax.

Knowing the latest salary trends for varrious jobs in the market makes the youth take well informed decisions as to which city will have better salary offerings to them.

What educational qualifications are preferred by employers for Call Centre Manager Jobs in Mumbai?

Bsc Mathematics- Bachelor of Science in Mathematics is the most sought after education qualification for Call Centre Manager Jobs in Mumbai.

The most preferred educational qualifications for Call Centre Manager Jobs in Mumbai are:

The primary filter that the employers apply while looking for a suitable fit for a particular job is the educational qualification of the candidates. So, in order to get considered for the roles youths are interested in, relevant professional courses, certifications play a very crucial role.

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What all Skillsets Are Most Looked For While Hiring For Call Centre Manager Jobs in Mumbai By Employers?

At present, Communication Skills is the most sought after skill set in the candidate applying for Call Centre Manager Jobs in Mumbai.

The market study reveals that the 3 most preferred skills and talents in Call Centre Manager Jobs in Mumbai are:

  1. Communication Skills - (359707 youths in Mumbai)
  2. International Marketing - (852 youths in Mumbai)
  3. Sales and Marketing - (33677 youths in Mumbai)

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Which Are The Top Companies To Work for Call Centre Manager Sector in Mumbai?

Top 5 companies in Mumbai offering highest salary packages are

  1. Rojgaardekho (3.2 Lacs)

Top 5 most preferred companies by employees in Mumbai are

  1. Rojgaardekho (21 followers)

Every individual desires to work for best companies in the sector, which are well known and people aspire to be in. Different people evaluate their best companies in different ways. Youth can evaluate which company to be a part of amongst the listed best companies provided he gets a comparative data at a single place. It may be the culture of the companies, the people in the leadership positions, human resource policies, products or any other factors that can impact a youth’s decision to join a company.

Who Are The Top Talented People in Mumbai To Hire Right Away For Call Centre Manager Jobs?

Basis our in depth research and assessment, Rohit Kumar Dubey is the most talented individual for Call Centre Manager Jobs in Mumbai. Companies often face challenge in finding out the right talent for the job with the relevant skills and within the stipulated period of time. Here, we provide you the best talent available with various skills across the globe.

Top 6 most talented people for Call Centre Manager job in Mumbai are:

Employers like to acquire / recruit / hire the best talented people available. Though most times, they do not compromise on the education qualifications of the candidates. They do this to maintain parity amongst their current employees. Also, some jobs / roles / positions require particular skills which may be acquired after undergoing specific educational and professional courses. Hence it is important for the youth to complete or pursue the relevant courses, if they aspire to get hired for these roles.

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