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Jobs vs Job seekers – analysis for Developer Jobs In World

Competition per Job

On an average, there are about 5,099,790 potential job seekers for every DEVELOPER job .

Job opportunities vs. Talent pool

There is an imbalance between the proportions of supply i.e. Developer talent available amongst all youth WORLD and demand, i.e. total current job opportunities for DEVELOPER in WORLD

Out of total 97825 job opportunities, active jobs for DEVELOPER is 1.

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Jobs vs Job seekers – Ratio

Job Seeker

Average number of job seekers for Developer is more than average number of jobs available. So you have a tough competition.

Experience range

Fresher (0 yrs.)


Entry Level (1-3 Yrs.)


Mid Level (4-7 Yrs.)


Senior Level (7+ Yrs.)


Top companies hiring for Developer in World


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Youth with Developer skill in World

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What Is The Average Salary For Developer Jobs In World ?

For jobs in World, the average annual salary for Entry Level (0-3 years) is 1.8 lacs, for Mid Level (4-7 years) is not known and for Senior Level (7+ years) is not known.

Salary Range for Developer jobs :

Avg. Annual Salary
1.8 Lacs
Entry Level (0-3 years)
Entry Level (0-3 years)
Avg. Min.
1.2 Lacs
Avg. Max.
2.2 Lacs
1.2 LacsMin.
1.8 LacsAvg.
2.2 LacsMax.

What educational qualifications are most preferred by employers for Developer Jobs in World?

MCS-Master of Computer Science is the most preferred educational qualification for Developer Jobs in World by employers.

The most preferred educational qualifications for Developer Jobs in World are:

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What all Skillsets Are Most Preferred For Developer Jobs in World By Employers?

At present, Core Java is the most sought skill by recruiters while hiring for Developer Jobs in World.

The market study reveals that the most preferred skills and talents for Developer Jobs in World are:

  1. Core Java - (337974 youths in World)
  2. Development Tools - (1136 youths in World)
  3. HTML5 - (63337 youths in World)

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Which are the top companies to work for for Developer ?

Top companies in World offering highest salary packages are:

Top most preferred companies by employees in World are:

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Who Are The Top Talented People in World To Hire Right Away For Developer Jobs?

Basis our in depth research and assessment, Kunal Patil is the most talented individual for Developer Jobs in World.

Top most talented people for Developer job in World are:

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