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Jobs vs Job seekers – analysis for Objective C Jobs In World

Competition per Job

On an average, there are about 1,237,769 potential job seekers for every OBJECTIVE C job .

Job opportunities vs. Talent pool

There is an imbalance between the proportions of supply i.e. Objective C talent available amongst all youth WORLD and demand, i.e. total current job opportunities for OBJECTIVE C in WORLD

Out of total 93544 job opportunities, active jobs for OBJECTIVE C is 4.

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Jobs vs Job seekers – Ratio

Job Seeker

Average number of job seekers for Objective C is more than average number of jobs available. So you have a tough competition.

Experience range

Fresher (0 yrs.)


Entry Level (1-3 Yrs.)


Mid Level (4-7 Yrs.)


Senior Level (7+ Yrs.)


Top companies hiring for Objective C in World


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Youth with Objective C skill in World

raj777 mspviraj shailendragupta35 appyramanuj +3490

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What Is The Average Salary For Objective C Jobs In World ?

For jobs in World, the average annual salary for Entry Level (0-3 years) is 2.0 lacs, for Mid Level (4-7 years) is 0.6 lacs and for Senior Level (7+ years) is not known.

Salary Range for Objective C jobs :

Avg. Annual Salary
2.0 Lacs
Entry Level (0-3 years)
Entry Level (0-3 years)
Avg. Min.
1.9 Lacs
Avg. Max.
2.1 Lacs
0.5 LacsMin.
2.0 LacsAvg.
6.5 LacsMax.
Avg. Annual Salary
0.6 Lacs
Mid Level (4-7 years)
Mid Level (4-7 years)
Avg. Min.
0.5 Lacs
Avg. Max.
0.7 Lacs
0.5 LacsMin.
0.6 LacsAvg.
0.7 LacsMax.

What educational qualifications are most preferred by employers for Objective C Jobs in World?

BE BTech-Bachelor of Engineering or Technology is the most preferred educational qualification for Objective C Jobs in World by employers.

The most preferred educational qualifications for Objective C Jobs in World are:

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Skill and Talents

What all Skillsets Are Most Preferred For Objective C Jobs in World By Employers?

At present, Cocoa Touch is the most sought skill by recruiters while hiring for Objective C Jobs in World.

The market study reveals that the most preferred skills and talents for Objective C Jobs in World are:

  1. Cocoa Touch - (183 youths in World)
  2. Swift Programming - (789 youths in World)

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Which are the top companies to work for for Objective C ?

Top companies in World offering highest salary packages are:

Top most preferred companies by employees in World are:

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Top Talents

Who Are The Top Talented People in World To Hire Right Away For Objective C Jobs?

Basis our in depth research and assessment, Raj Kumar is the most talented individual for Objective C Jobs in World.

Top most talented people for Objective C job in World are:

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