What is the Average salary package for production technology jobs in kanyakumari?

One of the most important aspects which a job seeker looks at is the Salary. Depending on the experience range,qualifications,skills,talents etc. an individual is offered a certain salary package.

On an average, a person with production technology skills, in kanyakumari location would earn 0 lacs annually at Entry level(0-3 years experience), 0 lacs annually at Mid-Level(4-7 years experience) and more than 1.1 lacs annually at Senior Level(7+years experience).

for production technology jobs, in kanyakumari location, more salary insights are as followed:
Avg. Annual Salary
1.1 Lacs
Senior Level (7+ years)
Senior Level (7+ years)
Avg. Min.
0.7 Lacs
Avg. Max.
1.5 Lacs
0.7 LacsMin.
1.1 LacsAvg.
1.5 LacsMax.

Since salary is the top most factor which an individual generally considers while taking up a new job. Hence, one needs to be updated about the latest salary trends in the market.

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