Web Developer
  • Chennai
  • 4 - 9
  • 06-Oct-2020

About the job

A Web Developer is responsible for a website's coding, architecture, and configuration according to the standards of a corporation.

Job Description

In the preparation and implementation of software apps across various networks, a web developer must have expertise. A standard job description for a Web Developer should cover:
1. Successful code writing
2. Website / website development using regular HTML / CSS methods
3. Acting together to create the website with web designers and programmers
4. Constant consultation with other company peers to produce and deploy their content and to ensure that what can be produced is clearly defined within what timeframe
5. Researching numerous software applications, preserving reports on software
6. In case the website goes offline, incorporating contingency arrangements
7. Maintaining and expanding/improving the website after it has been established
8. It could even be part of the work position to run a team
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Job Type

Full Time


Bangalore p.o 684747

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