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ESTATESOWL is a property management brand that has six years of experience in dealing with renting, buying, and selling of property. We provide affordable and high-quality services that make property renting, buying, and selling easier.
For people who are looking to rent, buy, or sell any kind of property, we extend our full support and our best services to them which makes their job very easy and satisfying. We at ESTATESOWL are delighted to help such people explore thousands of properties at their convenience and help them find the ones that best suit them.
Real-estate scams have become a very big issue these days. The legal frauds, false promises, and fake offers are some scams that people are very susceptible to fall for. With real estate facing a lot of competition, builders to raise funds in the initial stage itself, are attracting a lot of buyers with fake promises to invest in them. Some builders are cheating on customers by assuring them a fixed rental income in the properties they buy, but this often leads the customers to end up in a bad situation. Whereas some builders deliberately delay in completing projects until they get a desired number of buyers. But we at ESTATESOWL are very transparent and trustworthy. We always reach out to people who most need our services! We satisfy their property needs in a very personalized manner that makes real estate purchases extremely feasible and efficient.
¿Por qué trabajar para nosotros?
-It is a very devastating situation that the entire world is facing now. The dark cloud of COVID-19 has brought about a very uncertain and disturbing situation for all businesses far and wide. The real estate sector has been an important victim of COVID-19. The pandemic has affected the cash inflow which has brought about a global recession. Thousands of people have lost their jobs and are clueless about survival. There has been no assurance as to whether they would ever get a job again! ESTATESOWL deeply cares for the world we live in. Therefore, considering the unstable and disheartening situation we are in, we have decided to offer internships to about 500 people in a few sectors that are going to benefit our people. We are solely aiming on helping people at this time and providing them opportunities to boost themselves despite the uncertain situation prevalent in the world! We offer internships for interns who can take up the positions at ESTATESOWL: Business Development Executive
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We are looking the potential and skills that the youth should use and bring growth in the self and eager to learn new things and experience challenges and take great opportunity that are coming in their way
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Hazratganj,Lucknow-226010,Uttar Pradesh,India Hazratganj,Lucknow-226010,Uttar Pradesh,India Uttar Pradesh 226010 India
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