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Hi there,

Thank you for stopping by for our project despite of knowing we are a startup. It's not easy having the nerve to trust a startup, we know that. Thank you for the optimism and faith in us! Even organisations like Unacademy, Byju, Vedantu etc started small as well! Look where they are now! It takes an idea, a team and a mission to revolutize the world. We have an idea and a mission, now we are looking for a team. Let's make the world a lot better! Let's revolutionize teaching!

In the face of the coronavirus, we feel its crucial to work from home for your safety as well as your family's safety. That's our primary objective - family and safety. So this project is wholly work from home. Please keep yourself and your family safe first!

That being said, let's get to work... Let's figure out how you can earn earn a livelihood without sacrificing your or your family's health.

We are looking for teachers here... You shall be required to teach CBSE board students from Class I through V. Whether you teach all subject or not, that shall be your choice. The classes could be either livestream or recorded. We shall prefer use of screen sharing and whiteboard softwares (many are free). Since, its work from home, naturally you need to have the access to all hardware, software and device with internet connectivity to stream or record classes. A tech knowledge too, therefore, be indispensable. The teacher shall have a lot of creative, intellectual and technical freedom. Needless to say, flexibility is a key trait for everyone in today's world, that is expected too. Also, you shall bring new students and teachers aboard. Also, since you shall be handling children, we shall be expected to set an example of politeness, decent dressing sense and respectful behaviour.

That's not exhaustive. We are flexible and are open to inputs from the team. Afterall, it's your passion! You are most likely to know about it! And I have complete faith in the vision of my future team. And I'm sure every action you take shall be for the benefit of the organisation. And speaking of faith, we are not going to tolerate cheating, deceiving or breaking the trust of anyone including us in any form. The teacher must be able to operate in a startup environment without existing processes and sometimes resource limitations and would still be able to find opportunities where the organisation can benefit. The ideal canditate should be ready to update and adapt themselves with the working environment as the organisation grows. Last but not the least... A burning desire to make the future A LOT BETTER. That's the mission!

Anyone and everyone is welcome. You shall work as per your time availability (part-time and/or full-time, no age barrier). Besides a graduate degree, we are looking for passion here. You see, when you work for the love of it, work doesn't feel like work! And that's our second mission. Focus on what you love. When you are in a field you love, you shall automatically be motivated to take action, get creative! Challenges will be fun! With such an amazing team, revenues (yours as well as ours) will be sky high! We are very motivated and therefore very exited to meet and work with like-minded people. I'm sure we shall find them here. However, prior teaching experience, preferably in CBSE board school, shall be preferred.

We are also open to teachers of other boards, other subjects, higher classes etc. Teachers of completely different disciplines like yoga, dancing, singing, painting, martial arts and other specialities can apply as well. All that matters is your knowledge in the field and a desire to teach. We shall consider each and every application. Feel free to apply.

Please keep in mind that before you start or get any brief on the project, you shall be required to sign a non-disclosure. Also once finally you and your team accept the project, you need to sign a contract of service.

Even with resource limitations we have come up with a remuneration structure thst's quite lucrative... It's practically unlimited.
Your pay shall be on per student basis and we are certain its much higher than local schools. You shall never work for free. Every student, even free, counts. So on second thoughts, you might consider on bringing more students onboard. Annual increments available. You shall also have bonuses when you hit milestones.
No other remuneration/fees/charges other than these shall be given. All payments in INR. Payment on monthly basis on the last working day of the month, no advance.

How to apply:

Last Date to apply: 7th June 2020 (no problem if you are late, send details, we might have a place for you)

Classes are expected to commence from 15th June 2020.
Send e-mail to jobvacanciesindia-teacher@yahoo.com

Make sure to include the classes and subjects you are ready to teach in the subject line.

Make sure the e-mail contains the following:

(a) an approx 10 minute video with how you (the applicant) plan to teach created by you (the applicant)

(b) Filled form available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q1dePhd58vIFMLti9SdgE9PVm7oXlJ0b/view

Preferably take a print out, fill it in by hand, scan it or take picture of the pages and mail to

Or get creative! Edit it, modify it (but make it a point to keep and fill all sections in it) and mail it.

Any queries could also be directed to the same e-mail. Queries should have the phrase "Query" in the subject line. Please don't spam.
Please use your own personal e-mail to contact.

We will provide you an opportunity to show the creativity within you. If you are ready to work at home and eager to learn, earn and grow at the same time, we are here. Thank you for your time. Now lets colaborate and create an amazing future!!

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