Centre for Science of Student Learning
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8 Seguidores

designing assessment booklets, reports, logos, brochures, designing images and graphics for assessment booklets

Descripción del trabajo

The Centre for Science of Student Learning is a section 8 non-profit with a mission to improve the way our children learn by building capacity to measure learning through high quality assessments & conducting research into the science of student learning.

The role of a graphic designer involves designing assessment booklets, reports generated, submitted and published by the company, designing or creating graphic to meet specific commercial or promotional needs such as logos, organise and maintain data banks of images and graphics and also the assessment tools used for various projects, assessment reports etc.

The candidate must know Typing in Hindi, Telugu and English

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1 - 3


Centre for Science of Student Learning (CSSL) H.No.49, Sri Sai Nilayam, Road No.1, Alakapuri Colony, Hyderabad - 500035

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