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Artificial Intelligence Expert with BE Degree in Computer Science/IT, Certification in an AI /Machine Learning and 4 years of experience in AI systems for our Jabalpur Location

Descripción del trabajo

BE Degree in Computer Science/IT, Certification in an AI /Machine Learning
4 years of experience in AI systems
Jabalpur, can change on business needs

Basic Qualifications:

A solid foundation in AI Methodologies like ML, DL, NLP, Neural Networks, Information Retrieval and Extraction, NLG, NLU

Good knowledge in latest AI system design and architecture.

Experience in the development of end-to-end AI-based products

Should have experience or deep know-how in ontologies, terminologies, graph databases, knowledge graphs (e.g., RDF, SPARQL, OWL), and related information integration; propositional logic, first-order logic, and constraint satisfaction methods; methods for uncertainty in combination with logical methods (e.g., Bayesian, probabilistic soft logic); combination of the foregoing with natural language, e.g., in knowledge authoring/debugging and explanation; combination of the foregoing with machine learning, e.g., in knowledge acquisition; HMMs
Excellent understanding of complex system architecture, components and requirements.

Experience with Knowledge representation and reasoning and related semantic technologies, knowledge modelling/authoring and management, including Prolog, logic programming, and Rulelog methods; other business rules methods such as production rules, Drools/JBoss, event-condition-action rules.

Very good python programming skills. Java programming skills a bonus

Experience in deploying state-of-the-art, data-driven learning algorithms to solve business problems

Ability to Dig deeper into data, understand characteristics of data, evaluate alternate models and validate hypothesis through theoretical and empirical approaches
Ability to work independently and have an ownership mentality
Experience working with large data sets, familiarity/experience working with distributed computing tools a plus
Develop transformative AI solutions to address our clients business requirements and challenges
Understand the latest industrial and academic developments in AI/ML, application in per se domains and user experience for next-generation devices.
Conceptualize, Design, build and develop prototypes which demonstrate the required functionality rapidly
Collect, synth, and propose requirements and create an effective product/feature roadmap.
Work with development teams to mature these algorithms into production-quality programs

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Tarsha Systems Pvt Ltd

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