THe HR Dimensions
THe HR Dimensions
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5 Seguidores


Descripción del trabajo

Role and Responsibilities
·Protect the principal against possible threats

·A PSO is required to operate within the confines of the assigned tasks and are required to operate alone are a part of the team

·PSO entrusted with task of protecting principal from threats and risks by using close armed protection and physical intervention techniques

·To maintain absolute secrecy about principal public and private movements

·Complete shadowing of the principal as when required

Qualifications and Educational Requirements
[Retired Non/Junior commissioned officer from armed forces/ Equal rank from CPO’s/Police, Graduate from Army or any recognized university. Experience 10-15 Yrs.]
[ Proven track as a PSO/BG of VIP’s, specially to Sr. Uniform services officers, Z & Z+ Security category principals]
[Trained in martial arts i.e. Judo, Kung Fu, Karate, Boxing, Krav Maga, Etc..]
[ Holding all India valid 0.32 Bore Pistol/Revolver arms license with UIN, must possess a police clearance certificate]
[ Physically and Mentally Fit and medical category shape ‘A’]
[Age 28-45, Height minimum-175 Cm ]

Preferred Skills/Key Words
[ VIP Security , PSO/Body Guard/ SPG, NSG, PARA, Special Forces, Marcos, COBRA, Commando, CISF,CRPF, ITBP, SSB,BSF,CMP, Civil Police, IRB, Navy/Air Force Police]

Tipo de empleo

Tiempo completo



Experiencia laboral (en años)

10 - 20


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