Ultimez Technology
Excellent Web Design and Development Company
Ultimez Technology
Excellent Web Design and Development Company
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77 Seguidores

We are looking for dynamic creative Content Writer who possesses a passion for pushing the maximization productivity through relevant content to create interest for consumer’s limits and will work with our team of skilled engineers.

Descripción del trabajo

Skills Required:
? Graduate/Master graduate in business or management.
? Proficient in English.
? Strong communication skills with strong business-related knowledge.
? Excellent overall writing skills in a number of different styles.
? Impeccable spelling and grammar.
? A deep understanding of consumers and what they expect online.
? Great research, organizational and learning skills.
? The candidate should have sound knowledge of online marketing.
? Excellent vocabulary and should be able to create creative content for articles.
Duties and Responsibilities:
? Compose creative content specifically for online consumption, digital media.
? Must act as a bridge between the company and its current market and future markets.
? Review their own performance and aim at exceeding market domain.
? Understand major search engines work and visit particular websites.
? Create about a variety of topics and types of businesses.

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Ultimez Technology, Meenakshi Complex, Deshpande Nagar Hubli.

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