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We aim to be the first choice for customers by differentiating ourselves through our application based expertise. With over $3 million in annual revenues which comes from making your workplaces safer, we are now completely invested in your safety!

Whether it is for finger saver tool, impact protection gloves or Avenger v12 boots the most exhaustive range of hand protection products for the oilfield, or our knowledge-based sourcing expertise for drilling rig spares and consumables, or our stock and sell a model that allows you to get what you need yesterday, or a large team focused on ensuring they add value in every step of the supply chain process; or that we have been investing all these years to make workplaces safer; we are always determined to become your first and most preferred source for your requirements. With over 5000 sft in warehousing space, a team of 25 dedicated people, we always do all we can so you come back to us, not for the products we sell, but the way we do our business.

Unlike other suppliers who are just a source, Project Sales Corp (PSC) works with limited high potential customers providing the most complete range of solutions to minimize downtime, enhance production and improving workplace safety. Our product range is not determined by what generally sells in the local markets, but by products that have set a benchmark somewhere in the globe in adding value to organizations positively and creating a difference.

With over $3 million in annual revenues, Project Sales Corp assists over 250+ companies with reducing downtime, improving productivity and enhancing safety. Our Hands-Free Safety Tools is exported to over 18 countries worldwide helping companies mitigate hand injuries in the oilfield. Our steel mill rolls help enhance production in bar and rod mills. Our sealing compounds enable power stations produce power reliably. Our specialty lubricants allow reliable operation of equipments below and above the water line.
- A team of 20 talented executives help you learn in your job - Professional Working Environment - Good opportunity to learn on the job
- Hard working - Good Communication Skills - Right Attitude - Good Computer Skills
Visakhapatnam , 28 Founta Plaza, Suryabagh , 530020
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28 Founta Plaza, Suryabagh,Visakhapatnam-530020,Andhra Pradesh,India 28 Founta Plaza, Suryabagh,Visakhapatnam-530020,Andhra Pradesh,India Andhra Pradesh 530020 India
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