Looking for 0.6-1 year experienced Doctor Relationship Executives for our Freedom from Diabetes (FFD) Unit at Mumbai.

Job Description

1. Create a database of General Practitioners, M.D’s and IVF Specialist in Mumbai.
2. Meet 21-25 G.Ps and 3 M.D’s and IVF Specialist in a day for referrals and report day wise.
3. Provide FFD Service related information to G.Ps.
4. Liaise with target customers to provide info on FFD Services to Diabetic patients.
5. Attend sales meeting, conferences and programs.
6. Track Patient Referrals and connect with sales team for further action.
7. To be updated with latest offerings from FFD.

Job Type

Full Time



Work Experience (In Year)

1 - 2


FREEDOM FROM DIABETES MUMBAI CENTER S V Road, Santacruz (W), Mumbai- 400054

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