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Alpha square is a new chance and opportunity for IT professionals and
networking companies. We are here to help and guide any individual needing our service. Be it experienced or completely new, the number of years on your resume doesn’t matter to us, as everyone deserves to be treated with an equal respect and job opportunities.

Alpha square consultancy is headed by skilled professionals who have been in the networking industry for years. We believe that with a lot of effort, fueled with confidence along with the trusted guidance of alpha square consultancy, the sky exceeds your limit for potential success.
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Understanding the individual client’s requirements in relation to their past careers and future goals and with respect to their qualifications.After gathering the proper resources , a detailed strategy is planned by our very effective team to target a certain group of targeted clients. And after the strategy is executed, the list, along with a set of requirements . Among the set of companies we have tied up with, the qualifications will be sent to the targeted companies as well. After confirmation, the clients would be contacted to the designated company after establishing a mutual relationship As a consultancy with high experience, we prepare the most detailed resume with a promising evaluation summary. After receiving feedback, we will again work on a final shortlist. Finally, if needed, we will do a background check on the applied company through supporting agencies. Along with our tie-up with Junisys, our wide range of training in networking helps with succeeding your ambitions in your career.
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Since we specialize in networking, it is hard to look for consultancies in this field. But we are stepping out with our open doors to offer professional guidance and to pave the perfect path for happiness. Remember that, if you have trusted us with you career, you will leave with a sense of content. Always.
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Chennai , 5, 2nd Floor, Tharamani Link Road, Dr. Seethapathy Nagar, Velachery. , 600042
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5, 2nd Floor, Tharamani Link Road, Dr. Seethapathy Nagar, Velachery.,Chennai-600042,Tamil Nadu,India 5, 2nd Floor, Tharamani Link Road, Dr. Seethapathy Nagar, Velachery.,Chennai-600042,Tamil Nadu,India Tamil Nadu 600042 India
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