33 समर्थक
33 समर्थक

You are energetic, execution focused, analytical, a team player, and are only satisfied when your work is meaningful.

नौकरी का विवरण

Work as the building block of the company
Assist Supply Head in building the supply base for existing and new customers across specific zones/cities
Create/iterate processes to onboard, manage, train and schedule drivers
Understand the critical requirements of various teams and act on it

Highly energetic and open minded
Coordinate and work alongside all internal stakeholders and build base of Marketplace/Spot drivers
Be prepared to visit hubs even at odd times to understand the process/workflow
Attend to issues and resolve within the shortest timeline
Act on strategic initiatives of the company to achieve desired targets

Start a conversation with unknown and get them on to his side
Go to the field, meet drivers, identify the right set of them and onboard
Build a driver base who are readily available for any type of contracts
Build a strong owner/vendor base who can supply multiple vehicles

Eye for detail
Coordinate with Sales and ensure deployment of required vehicles as per target date
Understand the end-to-end process from customer and reproduce the same to drivers
Ensure margin before finalizing on the rate structure

Process adherence and structured working
Ensure alignment on how to pitch (rates/timing/trips/days of operation)
Ensure proper and systematic updating of driver roster
Ensure proper documentation prior to onboarding driver/owners
Manage the quality and efficiency of all vehicle to optimize the customer experience

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P.G.Road, Secunderabad – 500003. Telangana State

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