CBSE CTET Syllabus 2013
Central Board of Secondary Education द्वारा
Paper I For Primary stage classes I to V The duration for this examination is 1 hour and 30 mins. Pattern and Content All Compulsory The exam is divided into five sections these are the following i Child Development and Pedagogy 30 Questions 30 Marks ii Language I 30 Questions 30 Marks iii Language II 30 MCQs 30 Marks iv Mathematics 30 MCQs 30 Marks v Environmental Studies 30 MCQs 30 Marks Total 150 MCQs 150 Marks a Child Development Primary School Child 15 Questions Concept of development and its relationship with learning Principles of the development of children Influence of Heredity Environment Socialization processes Social world children Teacher, Parents, Peers Piaget, Kohlberg and Vygotsky constructs and critical perspectives Concepts of child-centered and progressive education Critical perspective of the construct of Intelligence Multi Dimensional Intelligence Language Thought For detailed syllabus and sample papers sign in and download attachment.