41 समर्थक
41 समर्थक

As a Facilitator at Quest Alliance, you will work as part of the Secondary School Program team which works with adolescents, in government schools from grades 8th through 12th - by helping them to have career aspirations, life skills and technology.

नौकरी का विवरण

Work with Govt High Schools: You will be attached to 3-4 govt schools for regular sessions on coding, life and career skills
Ensure project implementation in the schools, so that Key Performance Indicators of the project are met in a timely fashion
Build and manage relationships with school teachers and principals
Work on capacity and awareness building amongst parents and school staff about the project
Help students make their projects, and present them in front of various stakeholders
Plan parents' meet and other events at the school level, as necessary
Reporting as per Quest standards .

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Quest Alliance, 1st floor, Mistry chamber, near Cama hotel, khanpur, Ahmedabad, 388120

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