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Reserve Bank of India is the largest name in the Indian banking industry. It is central bank dealing with the banking affairs of the country and at the same time it is the regulatory body to construct and control the monetary policy for the nation. The bank was incepted on 1 April 1935 during the British Raj and it was nationalized in year 1949. Famously known as RBI, this bank plays a very vital role in the process of formulation and development of government strategies. All the banking polices and norms are decided and regulated by RBI. The complete banking solutions and regulation instructions for all the public and private sectors banks are decided by RBI.
RBI is also responsible for conducting research in order to implement more appropriate polices for the growth of the nation and its banking system.
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Working with Reserve Bank of India is the prestigious thing for every aspiring candidate. Those who want to have a remarkable career in banking sector then no other place that RBI can be better to accomplish this objective. The career opportunities available with this bank are brilliant to give a perfect boost to the career of every talented and skilled personnel. The work culture of the central bank is adequate to offer supreme growth to the employees.
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RBI is the not only the central bank but it is regulatory body, which is responsible for defining the path for banking sector and its smooth functioning. Thus the responsibility criterion for this company is higher and so are the expectations from the manpower associated with us. Thus the recruitment standards of the central bank are driven by its functioning area. The candidates should have the adequate academic qualifications in the relevant field in order to clear the basic standards to take hold on the high level jobs. The candidates should have intelligence and patience to deal with the complex banking sector challenges.
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