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VK Softwares is a Web/Desktop and Mobile Application Development Company registered in India. It was founded in the year 2003 by a group of Software Engineers situated in the beautiful Pink City (Jaipur), India with a vision to bridge the gap between Quality and Prices for the customers all over the globe.

VK Software has a team of diversified technical professionals with experience and in-depth knowledge of the tools and technology including business consulting, design & development and integration services.

VK Softwares has built a solid portfolio of products with a large sustainable customer base through quality solutions, unparalleled service and affordable pricing models.

VK Softwares has a group of dedicated professionals catering in the following domains.

• Web Design and Development
HTML/CSS, XML, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, Flash, PHP, Perl, .Net, Java,

• Database Design and Development
Oracle, DB2, Postgres, MySQL, MS SQL
Object Oriented Analysis, Design and Development

• Operating System Platforms
Linux/Unix/Solaris , Windows
Mobile Applications Development
iOS , Android, Windows Mobile

• Business Process Outsourcing

We at VK Softwares provide a full array of application development services related to Web Applications, Desktop Applications and Mobile Applications.
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We are looking for Young and Dynamic people who would like to explore more and experience the best technical Job Experience with growing opportunities.
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