Which Are The Top Companies To Work for social media Sector in pune?

List of Companies with Best social media department to work at!

  1. Duttkrupa Corporation (2.5 Lacs)
  2. Sustainable Solutions (0.6 Lacs)
  3. MoneySpring (0.5 Lacs)
  4. Yoozoo Games (0.5 Lacs)

Based on Popularity determined by Number of Followers, Top 5 companies in pune are

  1. Yoozoo Games (40 followers)
  2. Duttkrupa Corporation (18 followers)
  3. Sustainable Solutions (18 followers)
  4. MoneySpring (10 followers)

Every individual wants to work with the best and the well known companies in the preferred sector. Different people evaluate their best companies by their own different ways. Youth can easily evaluate and decide whichcompany to join if he gets a comparative data at a single place. Things like work culture of the companies, the people in the leadership positions, HR (human resource) policies, products & services offered can influence youth’s decision whether to join a company or not.