Use creative and technical skills to design and develop multimedia applications, systems, and products.

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Meeting and liaising with clients to discuss briefs, requirements and project progress.
Video and photography editing.
Making technical recommendations.
Producing, demonstrating and receiving feedback about ideas.
Creating multimedia designs.
Filling roles such as animators, programmers, writers, video producers, sound engineers and artists, where necessary (within reason).
Working with design team and copywriters.
Creating sounds, implementing sounds appropriate to videos.
Using designated timeframe appropriately for video requirements (e.g., only 10 seconds for YouTube advert), staying within time frame even if there is extra footage.
Developing and using skills and expertise in appropriate design software such as the Adobe Suite.
Modelling of packaging, concept art and implementing those models into videos if need be.
3D Modelling of concept art for products, stands, banners, videos and stalls (or experiential adverts)

Keeping up-to-date with technological and software developments
Testing products for errors and making amendments.
Working closely with product developers and being able to assist in segments of animation or concept design for particular products.

Gifs and videos for presentations.

Start Date: Immediately
Duration: 6 Months
Stipend: Rs.4000 - Rs.5000 per month

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