Direct Sales and MLM

ಕೆಲಸದ ವಿವರ

Responsibilities and Duties
The incumbent will be responsible for Hiring distributors(DB's), managing them profitable /ensuring ROI.
He/she will be responsible for Training and development of DB's and their network (consultant)on product and sales skills ensuring achievement of sales targets.
Responsible for Conducting house parties initially with the leaders.
Hiring consultants and training them to promote & sell products.
Setting sales targets for Consultant and DB's as a team and achieving the same.
Establishing, maintaining and expanding customer base.
Increasing business opportunities through various routes to market.
Training the consultants.
Monitoring your consultant performance and motivating them to reach targets.
Possibly dealing with some major customer accounts yourself.
Collecting customer feedback and market research.
Keeping up to date with products and competitors

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