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Micron Technologies provides engineered solutions utilizing leading edge technology for the simplest to the most complex industrial applications with Machine Vision System and Automation since 2001
Micron has the skills and resources, to develop, the state of the art machine vision system and Automation solution for any application. Our team comprises of expertise in Optics, Mechanics, Electronics, Software and System Engineering which enhances to deliver exceptional results. We have a well-established track record and our services have always met with great customer satisfaction. Our range of services is provided at a very competent price and without compromising on the quality of our service.
Micron Technologies product line encompasses both hardware and software while covering a wide range of performance and price point requirements. Our Firm specializes in the analysis and design of manufacturing custom machine and system design by applying state-of-the-art technology to industrial operations.
The markets we serve include; Automotive, Machine parts, Metal product finishing, delicate electronics component manufacturing, integrated circuit manufacturing, Glass, Plastics, Off Road Equipment, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, and many others.
Micronian, designs & implements vision based solutions which integrates future generation artificial intelligence, custom made robot and high speed controls and data logging, integrating high end technologies like Digital Image processing, high speed embedded systems with communication protocols with Special Purpose Machines
Engineering Graduates with good logical and English communication skills Good programming knowledge and computer architecture knowledge Good conceptual knowledge in Engineering Good team worker and learn new concepts fast Interest in R&D
, 123, 124, 5th street extension, 100 feet road Gandhipuram Coimbatore , 641012
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123, 124, 5th street extension, 100 feet road Gandhipuram Coimbatore,Coimbatore-641012,Tamil Nadu,India 123, 124, 5th street extension, 100 feet road Gandhipuram Coimbatore,Coimbatore-641012,Tamil Nadu,India Tamil Nadu 641012 India
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