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About the job

Sourcing new candidates using different mediums of head hunting.

ജോലി വിവരണം

Responsibilities Recruitment:
Sourcing new candidates using different mediums of head hunting.
Conducting recruitment/exit interviews and recording them accordingly.

Facilitating newcomers joining formalities.
Reviewing & updating job descriptions for all positions regularly.

Compensation & Benefits:

Handling monthly payroll and yearly forms for employees.

HR Administration:

Communicating and explaining the organization's HR policies to the employees.

Handling staff administration.

Preparing and submitting all relevant HR letters/documents/certificates/ attendance in consultation with the management HR Management.

Handling all employee enquiries & grievances.

Educational Requirements

Minimum of a Bachelor degree or equivalent in Human Resources,Business, or Organization Development.
Experience Requirements

Minimum 2 years of experience in an HR executive or higher post in an IT Company.
Knowledge and experience in employment handling and management, organizational planning, recruitment, organization development, employee relations, employee engagement.

Additional Job Requirements

Should have advance verbal and written communication skills in English.
Ability to effectively multi-task in a fast paced & challenging environment.

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