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We, EDGE POINT are pleased to introduce ourselves as upcoming HR
Consulting Company.

All major organizations these days are utilizing HR consulting as an effective
tactical tool to achieve reduction in costs, thereby steadily eliminating the
operational costs involved in the Human Resource operations.

Our country is touching new heights and going global, obviously standards
have gone up exponentially, expectations are touching the sky, competence in
an obvious trait even a mundane job involves innovation.

We understand these complex systems as each organization moves in and with
its own structure. Thus, compelling the need for quality manpower.
Our Brand of HR Services at a Glance

Top Source delivers payroll services and we have strong process

and project management experience across multiple domains. Our qualified

accounting professionals understand the complexities of managing dynamic

payrolls. Timesheet processing, HR data tracking, pay slip production,
support and other services are all part of what we offer.
Payroll services offering:

Create and maintain employee personal details and salary masters

Investment declaration and proofs verification included in payroll processing

Monthly payroll processing

One time payments like performance bonus, ex-gratia, etc.

Customizable earnings and deduction codes

Provision for arrears computation

Full and Final Settlement, provisional Form 16

Recovery of company loans and employee welfare scheme deductions

Hosted employee self service application Pay One to:

o Raise queries

o View pay slips, IT Report, Form 3A, Form 16

o Submit/modify investment declarations.

o Flexible compensation structure definition

o View the annual salary to date statement

Salary register in MS Excel format customized by department,

Cost-centre or business area

Pay slips in PDF for validation

Password protected pay slips by email or on Edge Point

Income tax computation reports on Edge Point

Payroll Variation Reports

Statutory reports ? Form 16, 12BA,

Monthly income-tax statement and challan

Provident Fund Forms 12-A, 3-A, 6-A, 5, 10

ESIC contribution statements


Bank upload / transfer files in the required format, payment advice by bank

Professional Tax statements

Reimbursement balances reporting on monthly basis

Annual Salary Statements

Quarterly E-TDS (Form 24)

Payroll Variation Reports

Form 16 and Form 12BA at year-end,

All annual reports

Managerial remuneration reports as required under the Companies Act
Statutory filing services:

We offer statutory filing services that cover the following services:

Provident Fund

A/c opening, Nomination & Transfer for new joiners.

Filing of monthly returns of Form 5, form 10, 12-A.

Filing of annual returns in 3A, 6A in March.

Help the employees in filling of form 10C, 13, 19 etc. for withdrawal/ Transfer

of outgoing members

Death Case & Advances

Deposit all these returns with the PF commissioner.
Follow up for withdrawal/ transfer

Assist in procuring PF statements from RPFC

Attending periodical inspections

Labour Welfare Fund

Calculation and preparation of Half Yearly return.

Profession Tax

Calculation and preparation of Half Yearly return.

Calculation & preparation of monthly ESIC challan

Maintenance of form 7 in ESIC register on monthly basis

Preparation, verification and submission of

Form 3: Return of declaration along with declaration form 1 for each covered


Form 1A: Family declaration form

From 1B: Changes in family declaration form

Form 5: Return of contribution ? half yearly return

Form 10: temporary disablement benefit form

Form 13, Form 14A and Form 12A: Claim of Benefits

From 15: Claim form for dependant's benefit

Form 16: Accident Report from employer

Form 17: Dependant's or funeral benefit

Follow up for settlement of Maternity Benefit in respect of women employees

Assistance in collection of temporary and permanent insurance cards

Temporary Staffing:

Edge Point is a temporary staffing agency that offers flexible staffing options. Many
companies are leveraging the services of staffing companies to gain access to talent
and adjust their workforce based on the cyclical needs of their business. We offer
contract, contract-to-hire and direct placement options to quickly increase and
decrease your workforce.

Contract Staffing :

Our contract staffing services enable you to fill short-term needs for qualified
employees. Companies rely on a temporary staffing agency's contract staffing services
to support upcoming projects, meet seasonal requirements and reduce their workfo

आमच्यासाठी का काम

मध्ये Edgepoint Human Resource विशेष कार्य कसे, काम संस्कृती आणि कारकिर्दीला वाढीच्या संधी जाणून घ्या Edgepoint Human Resource त्यांच्या कार्यालयात Mumbai. त्यांचा पाठपुरावा करा आणि त्यांच्या संघाबद्दल जाणून घ्या, मजा करा आणि ते जे काम करतात आणि Edgepoint Human Resource च्या भरतीच्या बातम्या आणि अद्यतनांसह अद्ययावत रहात आहेत

आम्ही कशासाठी तरी शोधत आहोत

Edgepoint Human Resource द्वारा पोस्ट केलेल्या नवीनतम नोकर्या नुसार ते रोजगारासाठी प्रतिभासह नियमितपणे शोधत आहेत त्यांच्याकडे नवीन खुल्या आहेत. ते मुक्तपणे संवाद साधत आणि भावी भगिनी आणि अनुभवी उमेदवार भाड्याने घेतात ज्यांनी त्यांच्या प्रोफाइल भरले आहेत आणि युवक कार्यरत असलेल्या त्यांच्या कामावर अर्ज केले आहेत. जे Edgepoint Human Resource ते त्यांच्या कार्यक्षेत्रात शोध घेत आहेत ते सहसा फक्त डिग्री आणि प्रमाणपत्रांच्या पलिकडे असतात पण ते खरे आहे युवक करत असलेल्या कामासाठी आवड सामान्यतः युवकांचे तपशील प्रोफाइल आणि युवकांचे प्रतिभा मॅट्रिक्स असे जे दिसत आहे. Mumbai मधील नवीनतम मुलाखतीत अद्यतने, Edgepoint Human Resource ची भरती प्रक्रिया येथे सामायिक केली जाईल. अनुसरण करा आणि युवक -4 मधील त्यांच्या प्रतिभा समुदायाचा भाग व्हा. अनुसरण करून, आपले प्रोफाइल पूर्णपणे पाहिल जाईल, आपण कंपन्यांनी थेट संपर्क साधला जाऊ शकतो

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(ताजे अद्यतने, बातम्या आणि नोकरीच्या संधी मिळवण्यासाठी आज या प्रतिभासौशल्य मध्ये सहभागी व्हा!)
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