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Inspired by its principle company for wellness from Japan EVAVO has been serving the needs of health and back care since its foundation. Having our strong presence in Indian market, we cater the major needs of wellness and back care of our eminent customers. We are dedicated to serve the marketplace with nothing short of the best.
We offer a wide range of back care and wellness products, which are specially manufactured to offer you with healthy and happy lifestyle; we offer the special medications to establish complete balance between mind, body and heart. For releasing the load of work in offices we offer comfortable and soothing office seating, lumbar and seating supports to ensure complete health care. During the time of sleep, the orthopedic, therapy, cervical, body and luxury comfort pillows served by us make you sleep without any sprain or tension. The plush and medically sound relaxation chairs offered by us are also appreciated to the core. In addition to that our exclusive products include spa and portable massage tables travel neck pillow, car seat lumbar & neck support cushion and massager etc.

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We are a leading and prominent name in Indian market in the field of back care and wellness serving a massive customer base, which explains the availability of vibrant career opportunities available with us. Along with the promising career we also ensure a comfortable, easy and growth oriented work atmosphere to our valued employees so that they can work with their double energy and enjoy their respective jobs.  Offering lifetime learning is another important aspect that makes us different from other employers and keeps our manpower satisfied in every manner.

आम्ही कशासाठी तरी शोधत आहोत

We look for the candidates who are energetic; quality oriented and dedicated enough to meet the recruitment prerequisites of the company. The personnel having good academic background and passion to learn the depth of business and ability to achieve the growth are welcomed to work with us and contribute their efforts.

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