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-Evoke Hi Tech is a powerful brand of wireless Security system. Evoke Hi Tech is a member of the Association of HG/IN Security. With large-scale production capacity, unique business philosophy and market operation mode,we specialize in research & development , production and sales of security products. Our Products have FCC, CE and ROHS certifications etc..,and passed the inspection of the ministry of public security. Evoke Hi Tech has an office in New Delhi, Jaipur. It is growing fast and always looking to hire talent into its current team of 10-50 employees. Follow us.

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- Evoke Hi Tech sticks to our corporate culture of “Sincerity, Care, Innovation and Aggressiveness ”. We also as the honor of “Top 10 user- recommended brands”,”100 Honest Brand of Security Products Supplier”,”Wireless Top 100 Security Enterprises” and “Recommended Brands in The Safe City”. Our mission is to develop the company into an elite company and establish strategic cooperative relationships to create win-win situations.

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-As per the latest jobs posted by Evoke Hi Tech. We are regularly searching for job candidate with talents. We have latest openings in India. We'll post jobs time to time for particular location. We freely communicate and hire freshers and experienced candidates who have filled their profiles and applied on their jobs at youth4work. The updates on latest interview in New Delhi, Jaipur, Recruitment process of Evoke Hi Tech will be shared here. Follow and become a part of their talent community at Youth4work.

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