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A renowned name, Mercury Outsourcing Consulting Services acts as a gateway to provide a wide range of recruitment and selection services to companies. We are a dedicated team of professional consultants offering executive recruitment and selection services. Our services are available PAN INDIA.
Our range of client services includes executive search & selection, and Vendor Management Services that are delivered through our integrated suite of leadership services.
We are a privately held recruitment agency having PAN India interlinked professionals with extensive understanding of the various aspects of multinational and local business and industry's specific demands.

Recruitment and Selection

Thanks to our unflinching commitment to the best interests of the businesses and job seekers, we have gained the reputation of being a reliable, fair-minded and straightforward executive recruitment solution provider. Combined with our methodology and work ethics, which has helped us in getting the jobs done quickly and efficiently, our reputation has established us at the forefront in the field of executive search.

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मध्ये Mercury Outsourcing Consulting Services Namakkal विशेष कार्य कसे, काम संस्कृती आणि कारकिर्दीला वाढीच्या संधी जाणून घ्या Mercury Outsourcing Consulting Services Namakkal त्यांच्या कार्यालयात Namakkal. त्यांचा पाठपुरावा करा आणि त्यांच्या संघाबद्दल जाणून घ्या, मजा करा आणि ते जे काम करतात आणि Mercury Outsourcing Consulting Services Namakkal च्या भरतीच्या बातम्या आणि अद्यतनांसह अद्ययावत रहात आहेत

आम्ही कशासाठी तरी शोधत आहोत

Start the interview with a pleasant smile. Always remember to give a firm handshake. If there are women in your interview panel, wait for the other person to extend the hand while shaking hands. Listen carefully to what the interviewer is saying. Stress on what you can contribute to the organisation. Remember that the employer is in control of the interview. Don't be too long-winded – say what you want to convey in crisp sentences and use terms that would convey your job & achievements. Complete your sentences - don't answer just yes or no. What you don't know can be learned – tell them if you don't know something. But give instances of how quick a learner you are. Do not boast. People on the other side are shrewd and can generally see through you. At the same time talk about achievements giving due credit to others. When talking about yourself and your aspirations, do not sound vague or do not say that you don't know something. You should be very clear and precise about what you want to do, where you want to go etc. If you don't understand a question, ask for clarification, don't answer vaguely. Don't talk about your personal problems, why you need the job etc. Don't get personal – even if you know the interviewer personally. Don't be overconfident or too nervous. Don't badmouth your previous employer - you could do the same in the case of the prospective customer. Don't complain about politics, a bad boss or a poor salary - your reasons for change should be higher responsibilities, location etc. If the interviewer is interrupted during the course of the interview, don't pick up papers on his/her desk and read them. Don't ask about salary before the offer is made. Strike a balance between what you actually are and what you want to be – don't paint a picture of yourself as somebody who is not concerned about money, social status etc. Don't be in a hurry to complete the interview.

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Namakkal , #257,SIMG B,17th Block,4th Phase, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore-560064. INDIA Tel: 080 32553646 , 637003
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#257,SIMG B,17th Block,4th Phase, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore-560064. INDIA Tel: 080 32553646,Namakkal-637003,Tamil Nadu,India #257,SIMG B,17th Block,4th Phase, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore-560064. INDIA Tel: 080 32553646,Namakkal-637003,Tamil Nadu,India Tamil Nadu 637003 India
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