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Haryana Staff Selection Commission (HSSC) is a statutory body of the Government of Haryana which was established in 1970 as per the provison of Article 309 of constitution of India. It was previously known as Subordinate Service Selection Board. The main motive of establishing HSSC was to set up an organization which can conduct examination/interview for appointments to Group ‘C’ services and may be called upon to conduct examination/interview for appointment to Group ‘B’ and ‘D’ services if required by the state Government. It also conducts examinations for promotions and transfers from one service or post to another services. HSSC consists of seven Members including Chairman appointed by the Haryana Govt. on the recommendation of the collegiums consisting of a Minister of Cabinet Rank, Chief Secretary to Govt. Haryana, Legal Remembrance and Secretary to Govt. Haryana, Law and Legislative Department. The Chairman/Member shall cease to be a Chairman or Member of the Commission on attaining the age of 68 & 65 years respectively.

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