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Indian Road Safety Campaign (IRSC), Solve is the largest youth-led organization in India, with its base in IIT Delhi. It has a presence in over 50 cities and is working with help of 2500+ youth with college chapters in premier IITs, NITs, DU colleges, AIIMS, and law colleges across India, being led by IIT Delhi chapter.

IRSC is presently working with organizations like the UN, WHO, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (India), National Informatics Center (NIC), NITI Aayog, IRTE, Delhi Traffic Police, and TRIPP. IIT Delhi in its endeavor to make Indian roads safer and has been able to impact on more than 1 crore people across India, through its various domains of operations. IRSC, Solve is presently leading interventions of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and WHO in India and is the only organization to be collaborating with the United Nations for the next 3 years in India. Being awarded by various national, international governments, IRSC aims to make roads safer.
आमच्यासाठी का काम
मध्ये SOLVE FOUNDATION विशेष कार्य कसे, काम संस्कृती आणि कारकिर्दीला वाढीच्या संधी जाणून घ्या SOLVE FOUNDATION त्यांच्या कार्यालयात Delhi. त्यांचा पाठपुरावा करा आणि त्यांच्या संघाबद्दल जाणून घ्या, मजा करा आणि ते जे काम करतात आणि SOLVE FOUNDATION च्या भरतीच्या बातम्या आणि अद्यतनांसह अद्ययावत रहात आहेत
आम्ही कशासाठी तरी शोधत आहोत
Has the zeal to do something for his or her country!
कार्यालय स्थान
Delhi , Westened Marg Saket New Delhi , 110030

(ताजे अद्यतने, बातम्या आणि नोकरीच्या संधी मिळवण्यासाठी आज या प्रतिभासौशल्य मध्ये सहभागी व्हा!)
SOLVE FOUNDATION https://www.static-contents.youth4work.com/y4w/Images/CompColleges/20190611163911.png?v=20190611163911'
Westened Marg Saket New Delhi,Delhi-110030,Delhi,India Westened Marg Saket New Delhi,Delhi-110030,Delhi,India Delhi 110030 India
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