We are looking for candidates who can introduce, market and promote our Course details into Students and Institution and convert into a business.We are looking for an enthusiastic Marketing Executive (Education sector) to help us.

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To identify education institutions in and around your job location
To conduct seminars and give a presentation to the students of different institutes and creates awareness among students regarding Academy
To collect the data of students from these institutes.
Admission counselling to prospective students/parents and convincing / converting them to final admission.
Participate and carry out seminars, workshops and other activities.
Building academic alliances with colleges and academy partners.
Managing marketing operations, developing business through local educational institutes, colleges, schools, coaching classes, educational trusts etc. Ensuring local level direct marketing activities implementation
Imparting education product training to the team from time to time. Planning, developing and implementing effective marketing communication campaigns.
Distributing copy for all marketing collateral, including brochures, letters.
Using the full marketing mix for the company’s marketing communications

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