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Who is AARRRmor?
AARRRmor is a digital agency where you can learn behavioral economics in the context of digital media and global digital markets. We use cutting edge concepts, tools, practices to succeed in the future of global digital markets. Digital marketing, in itself, is still new to most businesses. People buy what they trust and a word from family and friends will always be world's #1 referral engine.

What do we do?
We observe, experiment and study word-mouth-referral systems in a multichannel world. An initiative, business, NGO needs to know how to get their message out. And at AARRRmor Digital, we come up with new ways everyday. We practice Brand Building, Partnerships, Business Development, Adwords, Social Media marketing(through Algorithms), Search Snippets, Knowledge Graph. We also support Partnerships, Business Development and Sales through digital workflows.

We launch campaigns, measure ROI and give insights supported by data for their field and industry. We use mix of sources, channels and campaigns coupled with studying event data, heatmaps and attribution analysis.

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Learning & mentorship is guaranteed. If you're someone for whom learning is the top priority, this will be the perfect place for you.

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Ability to take initiatives, challenges and ownership of work. Willingness to learn and adapt fast

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