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Backend Developer
7+ years of experience in Software Development
Evaluate and implement technical designs
Deep understanding of data structures, algorithms, and system design
Strong understanding of OOP, REST, SQL and messaging systems
Significant knowledge of Relational Databases (PostgresQL/MySQL) and/or NoSQL Databases ( MongoDB /Cassandra)
Working knowledge of ORM frameworks like Hibernate, EBeans, and JDO
Strong Java programming skills
Proficient in the Spring Framework (Persistence, REST, Messaging, Integrations) such as Spring Boot, Spring MVC
Experience developing and consuming RESTful APIs
Participate in all phases of software development: requirements, design, construction, testing, deployment, and maintenance
Ensure system reliability, optimized performance, and compliance with security policies
Assess the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs;
Partner with business analysts to refine project requirements
Familiarity with front-end languages – Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3
Collaborate with project owners, and the front-end development team to ensure implementation and design are in sync and to deliver client facing products
Experience working in Agile/Scrum environment
Strong analytical and abstract thinking skills
Extremely high energy and passion to work in a start-up environment
Self-driven to learn new technologies

Skills -Java, Spring Boot and MVC, Sql, Hibernate, REST APIs using JSON,Javascript, HTML5, CSS3
Database: DBs like PostgresQL, MySql , MongoDB etc

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