As a Business Development Associate at Magic Crate, you will be joining the core team responsible for helping to shape the company’s growth narrative.

ਕੰਮ ਦਾ ਵੇਰਵਾ

*Competitive salary with an attractive incentives which is performance based.
*A strong appraisal and promotion policy.
*New Customer Acquisition - Focus on converting fresh, warm leads into confirmed orders.

*Contacting,Promoting and selling our innovative products to Customers.

*Able to negotiate and close Sales in routine situations.
*Renewal Team - Focused on extending existing subscriptions or renewing expired

*Follow-up on the customers.

*Developing existing and new customer relationships.

*Meeting agreed upon Sales targets and Sales Objectives.

*Explain the customer on the product, its features, benefits and discuss special promotional offers available.

*A typical day will require a maximum of 60 to 70 calls, depending on your Targets achieved.

*Our Customers are parents of children between the age group of 2 to 13 Years.
*Talk to new customers, follow up on past customer orders for tracking and checking on reports.

*A regular day involves making 4 to 5 subscription sales.

*Strong Communication skills with Multilinguistic skills.
*Strong Interpersonal skills, motivating and achieving.
*Passionate about a career in Sales.
*An influencer with consummate negotiation skills.
*Resilience and the ability to cope with rejection.

*Charismatic team player.
*A high degree of self-motivation and Ambition.

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