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V and S Publishers is a big name in the field of books publishing. We are the company, which brings in the education and knowledge to the people. We are known for serving the excellent set of readers including the academic as well as people searching for authentic knowledge. Since the year of our inception, we have been bringing in the best assortment of books, which are highly appreciated by the readers. We have also introduced a lot of new authors and various existing authors have got promotion through us.

The major books that we publish include the genres Astrology and Vastu, Beauty care, Biographies, Body & Fitness, Business Management, Career Management            Children Books,  Cookery, Education, Family and Relationships, Health,  Housekeeping, IT & Computers,  Leisure Reading , Reference,  Religion, Spirituality & Philosophy, Self-Help, Yoga and Meditation. In all these sections we have offered complete quality and excellence.


We rated our company as the best work place as our working culture is rich and employee oriented. We offer regular learning and development programs for the development of their skills and refinement in the jobs performed by them. We believe in increasing the goodwill and performance of the company without causing any dissatisfaction in our workforce. We have best career opportunities lined up for the quality personnel. We offer guidance, handsome remuneration and additional benefits.


As per the recruitment and selection standards defined by our human resource department, we look for the personnel who are intelligent and hold good academic qualification related to the relevant job area they have applied for. One should be a team player and dedicated to achieve the targets of the company. The applicant should be a faster learner and curious enough to explore the new ways of growth and development. The personnel should have an eye for detail and aspirations to explore the excellent ways of increasing company’s goodwill and profitability.

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