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Steel Plant in Raipur
Sks Ispat and Power Limited
Steel Plant in Raipur
Anil Gupta Suggests Innovative Overhauls in Coal Sector as Coal Demand Resurges
By: Sks Ispat and Power Limited
The global coal demand plummeted in 2016 as the use of natural gas and renewable resources boomed. It was partly due to the repercussions of environmental hazards, such as global warming. The other driving force was the shift from heavy industries in United States of America and China. India on the other hand, continues to show growth in coal needs and related sectors. The recorded resurgence of global coal demand in USA and China will further accelerate the rate of growth in Indian power and steel industries. Anil Gupta and N Chandrasekaran, the CMD and chairman of SKS Ispat and Tata Steel seem unfazed.
The reason steel and power industry honchos like Anil Gupta are unfazed is because of India’s growing coal capacity as some reports suggest. Conversely, Kolkata-based Coal India chairman, Sutirtha Bhattacharya, suggested that coal stockpiles will be liquidated for a few months. Coal India Limited will be rooting for higher demands from thermal power plants. Hence, it has always been a win-win situation for India irrespective of the coal demand boost.
The renewable energy sector also looks promising as it could add more than three lakh jobs by the year 2022. Exhaustible resources such as natural gas and coal are still needed as raw materials in many manufacturing industries. Anil Gupta suggests a major overhaul of the sector. Innovative approaches are needed in order to find long-term solutions.
2016 wasn’t a productive bracket for steel and other manufacturing industries. However, for the third consecutive year, the record of carbon emissions showed little or no growth. POTUS Donald Trump is reviving the coal culture in the US. The Opening of Pennsylvania mine was a subject for headlines for many news portals. It’s the first US coal mine to be opened after a long hiatus and it will employ 70 professionals.


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