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We are looking for young and talented peoples who wish to explore their skills in the field of Digital Marketing.

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The Virtual Internship would be divided into 3 parts –

Part I – Overview of the internship
Follow this link and apply for the Virtual Internship program -
Once you signup –
Complete your profile and share a screenshot of the same with your referral code mentioned in your profile.
Complete the course and related case-study.
Part II – Promoting the platforms
Share your referral code and ensure that at least 10 of your friends participate in this program using your referral code.
You will have to share the screenshots of their completed profile along with their referral code.
This will give you reward points that can be reimbursed for vouchers from your profile.
Part III – Live Projects and Hackathons
Participate and apply your course related knowledge to solve Hackathons and participate in live projects.

What’s in it for you ?
Virtual Internship Certificate in the field of Digital Marketing.
Referral Bonus.
Top Performer in the Hackathon or live projects –
Will get a full-time internship opportunity with a fixed stipend.
Extra-Ordinary performer will get a full-time opportunity to work with the company.
One Month Youth4work Prep Plan for free.

For any query – feel free to reach us at

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