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·Candidate will be responsible for executing the block level place and route assignments from Netlist through GDS flow.
·The candidate will own the complete Physical Design including Floor Planning, Power Planning, Place and Route, CTS, Timing Closure, IR Drop Analysis, Physical Verification and Equivalence Checking.
·Good understanding of timing, clock tree, routing, and DRC/LVS issues/solutions in complex ASIC designs is required.
·Ability to plan and work independently and coordinate with cross-functional teams is essential.
·Prior experience with 28nm or lower technology nodes is desired.
·An expertise in physical verification is desired. The job would require scripting in TCL.

Technologies Tools: -
·Netlist to GDSII / PD / Implementation flow / PnR / APR
(Synthesis and PD experience)
·Low power design experience
·ASIC/VLSI flow knowledge.
·Floor planning, Power planning, Placement, CTS, Routing, Extraction, DFM
·Congestion and timing analysis.
·Coming with better QoR
·Sign-off flow:
STA, DRC/LVS/Antenna/ERC, Power analysis, IR/EM
analysis, LEC, ECO (Timing and Functional)
·Technology node:
7nm, 10nm, 14nm, 20nm, 28nm, 45nm, 65nm, 90nm,130nm, 180nm (Going forward you can see tech nodes < 7nm)
·Scripting skills:
Perl, TCL
with RTL, synthesis, logic equivalence, DFT, floor-planning, and backend related methodology and tools

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