Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is a constitutional body established by the Union Government of India. The First Public Service Commission was established in October 1926 whose chairman was Sir Ross Barker. It was established on the recommendations of Lord Lee’s report submitted to the Royal Commission on higher Civil Services in 1924. The need for such commission arose in response to the demand that more Indian should be included in the higher civil services which were until then occupied by the British. It makes recruitment to Group A and B post for various departments and ministries of the state and central government. For this purpose it conducts examinations, CSE- Civil Services Examination, ESE- Engineering Services Examination, CDS- Combined Defence Services Examination, NDA- National Defence Academy Examination, NAE- Naval Academy Examination and CMS- Combined Medical Services Examination.


UPSC is desirous of appointing smart, intelligent and talanted individuals to be placed in various ministries/departments and sub-ordinate offices who can carry out the administrative jobs efficiently.


Working with Government provides prestige, job security and nice salary. Group A jobs in the Government sector are the higest order jobs in India with which prestige, power and high status are guaranteed.

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