Senior Java Developer
  • Lkart Logi Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Pune
  • 3 - 6
  • 22-جولائی-2020

About the job

A passionate developer and mentor who has a strong working knowledge of OOPS and functional programming principles.

کام کی تفصیل

Strong Java and J2EE background.
Knowledge of software best practices like Refactoring, Clean Code, Domain Driven Design, Encapsulation etc.
Fundamental understanding of Design Patterns and Design Principles and decision-making ability to use those appropriately.
Knowledge of software best practices like Refactoring, Clean Code, Domain Driven Design, Encapsulation etc.
Strong working experience in Multi-Threading, Exception Management and Use of Collections.
Sound knowledge of working with application aspects i.e. Caching, Asynchronous APIs, Logging etc.
Experience with web application frameworks - Spring Boot.
Unit Testing is an everyday affair and hence demands very good unit testing skills using tools like Junit & TestNG.
Understanding of relational databases, RESTful services and micro services
Knows what and when to mock and have used frameworks like Mockito/Power mock.
Understanding of message queue such as ActiveMQ, Kafka, RabbitMQ.
Version Control is treated as important as programming skills. Fluent with version control tools like Git and Bitbucket.
Exposure to Agile/Scrum, TDD not in theory but in practice.
Experience with Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Static Code Analysis, Jenkins and SonarQube.
Willingness to take ownership of technical solution and ensure technical expectations of deliverables are met.
Strong communication skills along with the ability to articulate technical designs and concepts.
Ability to translate business requirement or product features into high level and low-level design.
Exposure to cloud and containerization would be a plus.

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