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Work From Home.Genuine Data Entry Project.Laptop/Desktop Needed.
Rs.150/page (Typing Rs.70 & basic xml tag insertion Rs.80). Online support will be given for inserting xml tags. No Registration Fees. No Deposit. No Rejection.

Through our free software you have to type by seeing the image or by seeing the page of the hard copy of the
You don't need to do any alignment.

First 3 tasks (each task will be 200 pages) has to be completed. You will get Rs.90000 (for 600 pages if you complete both typing & XML).
Once the first 3 tasks are over, you will get 20% advance payment from 4th task onwards.

You have to complete 3 tasks. Each task is of 200 pages. Once you complete 600 pages, you have to upload your work by login to your site. Then, we do Quality Check at our end.
If anything is missing or if any error found, we will report to you.

You have to correct it at your end and resubmit. Once everything goes fine and successfully uploaded in our system.
You will be paid within 10 days from the date of successful payment.

If you complete 600 pages you will get Rs.90000. Transfer to your bank account.

Make sure your typed file should not contain any virus. At the time of uploading your typed files, a third party link AVAST Antivirus software
will scan your files and determine the percentage of virus in your files. You may have to pay small amount of nominal fee to AVAST Antivirus Software depending on the percentage of virus in your files. Once you make the payment, they will remove all the virus from your files and
issue certificate for all your files. Client accepts your files along with
with the Certificates issued by AVAST Antivirus Software.

In case, if your files doesn' t contain any virus, No don't need to pay any fees to AVAST Antivirus software company.

Make sure you work in a very good system which doesn't contain any virus.

We will be sending hard copy of the books to your home.You have to handle it very carefully. You have to keep the book until your payment for your work is released. Once the payment is released, you have to return the books to us. Initially we will be sending images.

For Downloading/uploading you need internet connection. Once you download our software you can do the work in offline.

Register using this link :

After registration, click on this link for login

and upload your id proof.

For details call Anbu-8124793660,WhatsApp Number 7845793660
Email address :

Send Resume to this Mail-id.

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Full Time



Work Experience (In Year)

0 - 10



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