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The GAIL limited is a gas utility corporation in India. It i...
Gail ltd
The GAIL limited is a gas utility corporation in India. It i...
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Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) products are city gas distribution which includes PNG and CNG. The other products are petrochemicals which include G-Lene and G-Lex, liquid hydrocarbons include G Pentane and G Propane. The segments contains Natural gas transmission, Natural gas marketing, Liquefied Petroleum Transmission, Natural Gas pipeline projects, LPG transmission projects, LPG, petrochemicals and other hydrocarbon production. The supply of natural gas consists of feedstock for fertilizer plant and fuel for power plant. In March 31, 2011, GAIL limited has finished numerous pipelines having the length of 761 km. The company has 7 liquefied petroleum gas plants.
Gail gives energized surroundings in which the employees are highly engaged and motivated. It provides job opportunities in engineering disciplines and management with the challenging job and career growth in different streams like business information system, business development, corporate planning, communication, finance, operations & maintenance, security and marketing.The career opportunities in GAIL India Limited provide recruitment details to the candidates.

The GAIL provides exciting careers by challenging job assignments, social & financial security and supportive environment. It offers its research & development, skilled operational, distributional service in natural gas exploration, logistics, distribution and refining. The GAIL markets processing unit products are propane, LPG, pentane, etc.
Gas Authority of India Limited invites applications from the candidates for filling the post of Executive trainee. The company recruits the candidates by some criteria. The recruitment process is easy and one must have certain educational qualification to fulfill the company profile. The company recruits the people who have completed the Bachelor degree in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Chemical Technology,Production, Manufacturing and Automobile with a minimum of sixty-five percentage. It also recruits for the human resources and candidates must be specialized in Human Resource Management and Petroleum Industrial Relations.
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Ghaziabad , Dharoti khurd, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201102 , 201102

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Dharoti khurd, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201102,Ghaziabad-201102,Uttar Pradesh,India Dharoti khurd, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201102,Ghaziabad-201102,Uttar Pradesh,India Uttar Pradesh 201102 India
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