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Indian Navy is the third component of the Indian Armed Forces. It secures the Indian coastal areas of India and guards the Indian waters. It secures India's maritime borders. HQ located in New Delhi, The President of India is the Commander-in-Chief of all the Armed Forces so Indian Navy is also commanded by him. It is administered and operated by Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) who is a 4-star officer of Navy of Admiral rank. He is assisted by a Vice Chief of Naval Staff and other naval officers.
In the recent years, Indian Navy has been playing an important role in maintaining peace inspite of unfavorable conditions. Indian navy also protects India's maritime trade routes. It has also been involved in humanitarian relief tasks during natural calamities.
Indian Navy in the past few years has undergone many modernization measures. Many old ships and equipments has been replaced with new ones to become a full-fledged blue water navy.
Indian Navy officers live a life full of dignity and respect and are always in high spirits as the navy offers personal, financial, emotional security and high status in the society. They enjoy adventure activities like mountaineering, sailing, yachting, water sports etc.
Idealism, intellect, patriotism, dedication and courage. The feeling of national belongingness.

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